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Anonymous asked: [whispers] h-hi, I'm a big fan of your writing, it's just amazing :3 i just wanted to know what's your upload schedule for Diplomatic Freedom, if you have one. Thank you, keep writing amazing stuff :3

Oh my gosh aren’t you just the sweetest thing? Reading this made me smile so much, you have no idea. Thank you for your kind words. :)

I wish I could give you a good answer, but to be honest, I don’t really have an update schedule. I tried, but I’m really bad at following schedules. My goal is to put out one chapter a week, but sometimes it’s more like every ten days.

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Diplomatic Freedom

So I’ve been writing this one for a while now, and it seems like I’m finally brave enough to post the first chapter. It’s going to be about 11 chapters, I think, the first five are finished and the rest are outlined. I’ll probably update once a week? Maybe twice a week. We’ll see.

Constructive criticism is so very welcome.

Title: Diplomatic Freedom

WC: 1585

Rating: T, I guess? Language mostly.

Summary: In an attempt to end the constant conflict between the Jones Kingdom and the Free People, King Jones arranges to wed his least favourite son to some Free lad.
At what point in this marriage did Michael go from aggressively hating Gavin to aggressively loving Gavin?

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Title: difficult to dance ‘round this one

Pairing: Mavin (Michael/Gavin)

Rating: PG-13?

Word Count: 528

Warnings: marijuana use

AN: Shit, I wrote a story about real people. It’s just a wee thing, Micheal and Gavin get high for 4/20, Michael finds that he can’t stop thinking about Gavin. Only very slightly shippy. Title is from Tool’s song The Pot.

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